Wine Club

Good day shopper: At Bookshelf we try to make your shopping experience a good one… simple (hopefully) and easily understood. Having said this, many of our customers find giving us a call at 530 400-7654 or sending us an email at the best way to fine tune the process.

Welcome to Our Wine Club

Our Wine Club is different from other clubs.  We are  a small producer with no brick and mortar tasting room.  We sell our wine at our winery, on the internet and by telephone.  We host small, intimate parties where you get to know us and our wines.  We are dedicated to producing quality wines at value pricing.

Avid Reader Wine Club membership details:

  •  Join anytime, renew annually at the beginning of the new year
  •  Receive two four packs of wine per year or 8 bottles at once (charged $168.00/year plus tax and delivery)
    • Spring and fall pick-up or shipment
    • Complete the case of your 8 bottle selection for only $19.60/btl
    • Discounted future purchases of 30% off retail, $19.60/btl
    • Pick-up parties, special events, vineyard tours, crush parties, release parties
    • First dibs at Storytime Cellars label wines
    • Ultra small, handcrafted lots
  • Invitations to join Bookshelf Wines on travel and adventure experiences
  • JOIN TODAY, call (530) 400-7654 for more details or to join by phone

Discounts Explained

If you are an Avid Reader Wine Club Member: You receive a 30% discount on all wines purchased after joining. Shipping is based on either a “local” or “distant” shipping rates based on your location.

If you are not a Club member but want to purchase wine – great! you too get discounts: when you purchase 4 bottles – 11 bottles your discount is 10.7% ($25/bottle on our $28 bottles retail pricing) and 12 + bottles purchased will be discounted at 17.8%. ($23/bottle). Shipping is based on local or distant shipping rates.

All discounts are calculated during check out. Club Members will enter their email address to generate the appropriate discount.

There are a few exceptions to discounts such as library wines and wines limited to Club Members only.



Sheila Fleege