Tasting Notes

Bookshelf WinesDichotomy 2017               

White pinot noir, pinot noir grapes (hence the name, Dichotomy, white wine made from red grapes) were whole cluster pressed and fermented in a white wine style. This full-bodied wine has a floral bouquet and hints of almond, apple, and honey. Pairs well with fish, chicken, mushrooms and cream-based dishes.                                                                               Gold Medal Winner        


Chardonnay 2018             

Aged for several months sur lies in French oak barrels, this Chardonnay will satisfy your need for a rich, well rounded Chardonnay. A slight hint of tropical fruit blends with a little butter and crème fraiche to create a balanced, long finish wine that pairs perfectly with crab cakes, halibut, or even pork tenderloin cooked with apples.


Zinfandel 2016

Hints of black cherry, brambleberry, and sweet vanilla emanate from this Zinfandel. Harvested from Thaddeus’ Vineyard in south El Dorado County, this Zinfandel pairs well with heartier meats and vegetables, including truffles!              Silver Medal, Sunset Magazine Wine Competition


Zinfandel 2017

Buy and hold this still young but promising Zinfandel. Also hailing from Thaddeus’ Vineyard, this wine is promising to be like its older sister, Zinfandel 2015 which is now a library wine. It is a Double Gold Winner, Best of Class.


Pinot Noir 2017

The Middle Fork of the American River provides cool evening air that settles onto the Vinehill Vineyard’s north facing slope providing a microclimate for Pinot Noir. This popular wine has hints of cherries, vanilla and hibiscus followed by a long finish. Versatile wine that pairs well with fish, fowl, meats, roasted vegetables.  


Sangiovese 2017               

We are very pleased with our first release of Sangiovese 2017. Full of cherry, plum and strawberry, the characteristic tannins coupled with its medium body makes it perfect for pairing with cured sausages, hard cheeses and roasted meats.


Pinot Noir 2019 Sweetness

Sweetness: a pleasant quality. The pleasant quality of this pinot noir rose is a hint of sweetness. The barely perceptible 2% residual sugar is perfectly balanced with the acidity of this 2019 Vinehill Vineyard Pinot Noir, making it a great aperitif and summer sipper, chilled or (gasp!) over ice. And, the alcohol level of 12.5% allows you to select another of our award-winning wines to enjoy with dinner!


Our Other Wines….


Storytime Cellars

What’s in a name…Storytime Cellars? And, what is this fun and whimsical label doing on our Bookshelf?

Storytime Cellars wines are hand-crafted using labor intensive (think Niles and Sheila touching those grapes and wine many times before bottling!) methods of winemaking. Storytime Cellars label allows us to be creative in our wine-making styles (think natural, low-intervention wines) sell them to you, our customers to be consumed as young wines. Think “nouveau” wines; drink them today! Storytime Cellars Wines are unfiltered so you may see some naturally occurring sediment in the bottles. Turn upright to allow settling and chill for 2 hours prior to drinking.


Pinot NoirPinot Noir Rose 2019     

Our first release of Pinot Noir Rose. Notes of raspberries, flowers, and melon, this lovely, delicately fruity wine pairs well with fresh goat cheese salad or crab salad shared at home or at your favorite beach or picnic spot.


Sauvignon Blanc 2019                     

Our medium bodied sauvignon blanc is all about fresh citrus aromas and tastes. The well-balanced acidity of this wine makes it a great pair for chevre, feta, and herb sauced dishes of fish or chicken. Or, just enjoy a chilled glass of this easy sipping wine on a warm summer afternoon relaxing on the patio.


Chardonnay 2019             

A fruitier and leaner Chardonnay than our Bookshelf Wines Chardonnay, this unoaked wine shows hints of tropical fruit like starfruit and pineapple. Pair it with sushi, sautéed fish, piccata dishes such as chicken or veal. The crispness goes well with delicate foods.


Viognier 2019

Our Vinehill Vineyards harvested Viognier is bold, unoaked and full bodied. Aroma is perfumed with the scent of spring-time orange blossoms. Tangerine and hints of peach hit the palate and linger through the finish. Pair this wine with spicy chicken dishes.


Bon Vivant Sweet Viognier 2019               

Our Vinehill Vineyards harvested Viognier is the perfect dessert wine. The aroma is perfumed with the scent of spring-time orange blossoms. Tangerine and hints of peach hit the palate and linger through the finish. Pair with simple desserts such as shortbread cookies.