Sip and Nosh While We Wait…

While we wait for harvest…

Please contact us for your spot at one of our Saturday Afternoon Sip and Nosh Events.  We are taking the first 8 reservations for informal sipping and noshing from 4-6 Saturdays through fall.  Call or text (530) 400-7654, email, or use the contact form tab on this website.  Don’t miss out to enjoy a lovely late afternoon with us.  Bring friends…we love meeting new people, visiting with friends, and introducing all to Bookshelf Wines.

In the meantime…we wait for harvest.  Always a fun and exciting time and always different.  The suspense builds; when will the grapes hit the peak of perfection with perfectly balanced sugar and acid?  It’s always hard to predict and this year has presented some unique challenges. The smoke and ash that lingered in the air through most of September blocked needed sunlight for ripening. We’ve seen uneven ripening and usually early varietals are still working overtime to finish the ripening process.   As we mentioned in last month’s blog, grape growers are farmers.  We are subject to the whims of Mother Nature.  We will finish harvest but the exact date we can’t determine yet…more to come.

We do have a small project going already though.  We picked underripe pinot noir grapes to make sparkling wine using the methode champanoise.  A small project quantity-wise, but a big endeavor none-the-less.  Here we go again, pinot noir projects!  This will complete the circle for us with pinot noir.  We’ve made white wine (Dichotomy), red wine (Studious), rose (Sweetness and dry rose), and now we’re making sparkling and more rose for spring 2021 release.  We love pinot noir for its versatility and yumminess!

Til next time, Cheers!