Bookshelf Wines Sangiovese 2017

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Sangiovese 2017
This is our first Bookshelf Wines Sangiovese and we are very pleased with how well this young wine shows its fruit! Full of tart cherry, plum, and strawberry, the characteristic tannins of sangiovese coupled with the medium body of this wine will make it your wine of choice for pairing with roasted meats, cured sausages and hard cheeses.

Grown at Vinehill Vineyard at 2750 ft. elevation, this vineyard closes resembles the altitude of the Italian foothills famous for their fine, noble sangioveses. Take a virtual trip to Italy by trying our Sangiovese 2017 and perhaps in the not too distant future we’ll take a Bookshelf Wines trip to the region for a real comparison!

Alcohol 14.80%
Bottling Date May 2019

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