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Meet The Winemaker! Sheila Fleege

Niles and Sheila Fleege Bookshelf WinesSheila Dupuis was born and raised on a dairy farm in south Louisiana’s Cajun country. Surrounded by French speaking family, she learned the value of hard work and good Cajun food.

Always a “kitchen experimenter” Sheila has a passion for, “Un petite peu de cie et un petite peu de ca” smashing, mixing, and measuring, just like her grandmother, mother and older sisters did while cooking.

That experimentation found a career in the form of award winning California wines.

Sheila is a vet, and with husband Niles Fleege they followed career and military opportunities to California, staying here for many reasons including the weather and the wines! They founded in 2015 and won awards including an extraordinary white Pinot Noir in 2016 (white wine from red grapes) “Dichotomy,” producing it again in 2017 and 2019.

Bookshelf Wines draws only the best grapes from all over El Dorado County, California. Tastings are available in Pilot Hill by appointment. Come visit.

You can contact Sheila and Niles directly for event schedules, tours, holiday shipping, and special pricing, (530) 400-7654.