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    Mardi Gras

    Mardi Gras translated to English means “Fat Tuesday”.  Mardi Gras, an annual celebration, is the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.  Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, a time of solemnity and penance for Catholics.  Because many of the Acadians (Cajuns as they became known) who immigrated to South Louisiana in the late 1700’s were and still are Catholic, they celebrated, and continue to celebrate Mardi Gras as part of their culture.  In addition to the well known New Orleans Mardi Gras celebration, many of the small towns and cities across South Louisiana celebrate Mardi Gras with a series of balls and parties several weeks prior to the actual Mardi Gras…

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    Bookshelf Wines’ Swordfish Piccata with Storybook Cellars 2019 Chardonnay

    Swordfish Piccata with Bookshelf Wines’ Storytime Cellars 2019 Chardonnay.About 20 minutes. Storytime Cellars 2019 Chardonnay is a fruitier and leaner Chardonnay than our Bookshelf Wines Chardonnay, its an unoaked wine that shows hints of tropical fruit like starfruit and pineapple. Pair it with dishes such as this this Swordfish Piccata. The crispness of the wines goes well with delicate foods. Plan ahead to serve with wilted greens, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. Pour a glass of wine and review the recipe. Pour another glass of wine and begin… For the swordfish picatta you will need: 3 Swordfish steaks1/2 cup Bookshelf Wines’ Storytime Cellars 2019 Chardonnay to cook with too1/2 cup flour…