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    Hi Y’all! Mardi Gras 2020 is Tuesday (of course, its Fat Tuesday!) February 25! Let’s make gumbo and fais do do!

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    Happy 2019!

    News from New Orleans…we were so pleased that our wines did well at the first New Orleans International Wine Competition held in late November.  Dichotomy (2017 white pinot noir) was awarded a gold medal and our 2016 Zinfandel earned a Bronze.  What was even more exciting than the awards was that our wines were poured at the four Grand Dames restaurants in the French Quarter the night after the competition ended.    We were thrilled!    To refresh your memory those four restaurants are Gallatoire’s, Arnaud’s, Antoine’s, and Brennan’s, all world famous and restaurants that have produces some of the finest chefs.  We’re looking forward to entering the 2019 competition…

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    Mardi Gras

    Mardi Gras translated to English means “Fat Tuesday”.  Mardi Gras, an annual celebration, is the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.  Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, a time of solemnity and penance for Catholics.  Because many of the Acadians (Cajuns as they became known) who immigrated to South Louisiana in the late 1700’s were and still are Catholic, they celebrated, and continue to celebrate Mardi Gras as part of their culture.  In addition to the well known New Orleans Mardi Gras celebration, many of the small towns and cities across South Louisiana celebrate Mardi Gras with a series of balls and parties several weeks prior to the actual Mardi Gras…

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    Its “stock your cellar” time of year

    Holidays are a coming up soon. Get case discounts at our Stock Your Cellar with Bookshelf Wines event on Saturday, Nov. 23. Email us for details and an invitation. Time to add a few notable bottles to your Cellar. Bookshelf Wines is ready to help. Email us at to recommend and discuss volume discounts!Best wishes,Niles and Sheila

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    Truffle Hunt

    December 8th Truffle Hunt with Tesoro Mio Truffle Ranch and Bookshelf Wines is full! Another great experience for our club members. Truffle Hunt plus truffle appetizers paired with Bookshelf Wines. All right here in El Dorado County!  Cheers!!Niles and Sheila