1. Meet The Winemaker! Sheila Fleege

    Sheila Dupuis was born and raised on a dairy farm in south Louisiana’s Cajun country.
    Surrounded by French speaking family, where she learned the value of hard work and good Cajun food...

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  2. Butternut Squash Ravioli With Bookshelf Wines' Viognier.

    Butternut Sqaush with Bookshelf Wines' ViognierHey, you know what would be good for Fall?
    Butternut Squash Ravioli With Bookshelf Wines Viognier.

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  3. Bookshelf Wines' Swordfish Piccata with Storybook Cellars 2019 Chardonnay

    Swordfish Piccata Recipe with Bookshelf Wines’ Storytime Cellars 2019 Chardonnay.About 20 minutes.

    Storytime Cellars 2019 Chardonnay is a fruitier and leaner Chardonnay than our Bookshelf Wines Chardonnay, its an unoaked wine that shows hints of tropical fruit like starfruit and pineapple. Pair it with dishes such as this this Swordfish Piccata. The crispness of the wines goes well with delicate foods.

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  4. Creamy Truffle Mashed Potatoes, Served With Turkey, and Bookshelf Wine’s Viognier!

    You know what’s insanely good? ...Creamy Truffle Mashed Potatoes...
    ...using White Truffle infused California Olive oil, served with Turkey, and Bookshelf Wine’s Viognier!

    Garnish with chives. Drizzle with a bit of truffle oil to finish.
    So good.

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  5. Here's A Halloween Story To Share With Your Friends! ...And Because Wine!

    "The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as I best could, but when he ventured upon insult, I vowed revenge. You, who so well know the nature of my soul, will not suppose, however, that I gave utterance to a threat. At length I would be avenged..."StoryTime Cellars

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  6. Tasting Dichotomy At A Bookshelf Wine Tasting Event

    Video!: Tasting Dichotomy At A Bookshelf Wine Tasting Event

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  7. Storytime Cellars

    Story Time Cellats LogoSo much is new at Bookshelf Wines, including the addition of our second label, Storytime Cellars! We wanted to make the announcement quickly and will catch you up on the latest soon.

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  8. They’re Here…

    Bookshelf Wines Sierra Foothills Yes, we bottled 3 new varietals in May of 2019; Pinot Noir 2017, Sangiovese 2017 and Zinfandel 2017. They are available for purchase on our website store, and if you are interested in tasting before buying, contact us and we will get you connected. Please remember to watch our calendar for invitation only events.

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  9. Bottling

    We are so excited about the new wines we will be bottling later in May. Included in the new lineup: 2017 Sangiovese, 2017 Pinot Noir, and 2017 Zinfandel. We are looking forward to sharing these with you at an upcoming release party. Stay tuned for details.

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  10. Mardi Gras

    Now, I am hungry for some home cooked Cajun food.  I think I have the ingredients for shrimp and corn bisque and plenty of Bookshelf Wines 2017 Dichotomy on hand for a delightful Cajun feast.  ReadMore...

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  11. Fine Tuning for Spring Bottling

    January and February begin our final stretch of tasting and decision making for our wines for the spring bottling.  Wines go through a natural aging process from fermentation (primary and secondary) to aging in different oak and or steel barrels.  We taste the wine along the way and make decisions on how much new oak versus neutral oak is needed to get our desired output.  The January tasting is most exciting and gives the wine maker a very good insight if we hit it right!  We taste wines 100% varietal and then if needed add a small amount of another varietal to give it the desired color, more fruit or more balanced finish.  To make a great wine is definitely a blend of science and art!  We develop our wines that are ready to drink after 18

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  12. Happy 2019!

    Bookshelf Wines Mardi Gras
    News from New Orleans…we were so pleased that our wines did well at the first New Orleans International Wine Competition held in late November.  Dichotomy (2017 white pinot noir) was awarded a gold medal and our 2016 Zinfandel earned a Bronze.  What was even more exciting than the awards was that our wines were poured at the four Grand Dames restaurants in the French Quarter the night after the competition ended. 
    We w
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