Book Reviews

  1. An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving.

    Bookshelf Wine for ThanksgivingSIXTY years ago, up among the New Hampshire hills, lived Farmer Bassett, with a house full of sturdy sons and daughters growing up about him. They were poor in money, but rich in land and love, for the wide acres of wood, corn, and pasture land fed, warmed, and clothed the flock, while mutual patience, affection, and courage made the old farm-house a very happy home.  

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  2. Here's A Halloween Story To Share With Your Friends! ...And Because Wine!

    "The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as I best could, but when he ventured upon insult, I vowed revenge. You, who so well know the nature of my soul, will not suppose, however, that I gave utterance to a threat. At length I would be avenged..."StoryTime Cellars

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  3. Rare Objects

    Rare Objects  by Kathleen Tessaro

    Maeve Fanning is a first-generation Irish immigrant living with her mother in Depression Era Boston.  This historical novel is about Mae, as she calls herself later in the novel, finding her way into young adulthood.  Mae has several missteps along the path.  The author, Kathleen Tessaro, describes the extra stumbling blocks Mae must navigate.  Mae must contend  with poverty, tenement living in the north End, love and its associated risks, mental health challenges, and decisions about her values and reality versus the pull of pretense.  After a brief and tumultuous stay in NYC, Mae returns to live with her mother in the North End.  She lands a job in a unique antiques shop owned by an elusive British archaeologist and a professor.  The shop caters to wealthy clients looking to add to their arts collections.  Mae interacts with members

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  4. Where the Crawdads Sing

    Where the Crawdads Sing, 2018, by Delia Owens

    It is a nature-immersed story, a survival story, a love story, and a murder mystery!

    Kya Clark is only 6 years old when she is abandoned by her mother, her siblings, and finally her father.  She learns to live in a rural swamp on North Carolina's coast on her own with little help from the community.  Life in the muddy swamp offers an extraordinary education, which she studies with ardor!

    However, there is so much more when Chase Andrew's body is found in the marsh!  Two timelines now slowly intertwine.

    I love Ms. Owens writing style.  I was hooked after the first paragraph!

    Watch for the movie.

    Betty, Bookshelf Wines Librarian



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  5. The Perfume Collector by Kathleen Tessaro

    The Perfume CollectorThe Perfume Collector
    By Kathleen Tessaro

    This is an excellent book! I read it in record time as it was so engrossing that I had to keep going! A wonderful story following the intersecting lives of two women, one in the 1920’s-1930’s and the other in the 1950’s, taking place briefly in London and Monte Carlo, but mostly in New York and Paris. It is a very sensual book of fragrances, fashion, sexuality, high society privileges and also of working class trials and tribulations. An inheritance from a mysterious stranger is the basis of the story and each piece of the puzzle is revealed ever so slowly with excellent character developments of the main players. The perfumes hide the secrets and reveal the truths. It is quite sad that child labor laws didn’t exist early in the twentieth century but getting beyond that, this is a pr

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  6. Nineteen Minutes  by Jodi Picoult

    Nineteen Minutes Book ReviewSterling, NH is a small ordinary town where nothing ever happens – until one day a shocking act of violence occurs. The town’s residents must not only seek justice in order to begin healing, but also come to terms with the role they played in the tragedy. This book is an emotionally charged novel about school bullying. What does it mean to be different in our society? Simple questions with no easy answers, this is Jodi Picoult’s style. As always with Picoult the issues are never black and white and the plot is never quite as simple as it seems at first.

    Nineteen Minutes is the first Jodi Picoult book I read, it was recommended to me by one of my students. It kept me up late for a few nights. Since then I’ve read several of her 23 novels. Each one is unique and there’s always a twist at the end. Life is full of difficult

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  7. Celtic Empire by Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler

    Celtic Empire Bookshelf review

    I admit it, I am a Clive Cussler book addict. They are so entertaining and easy to read. Pick it up in a moment of spare time, get through a few pages, relax and travel and adventure with Clive. The Celtic Empire brought the reader from ancient Egypt to modern day Scotland and Ireland. The plot revolved around the spread of an epidemic by evil people and its cure which was found in exploration of pyramids. Pick it up and read it between Christmas shopping and Bookshelf Wines sipping and you’ll be treated to the twisting, turning, plot with the brother and sister duo of Dirk and Summer as main characters.

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  8. The Clifton Chronicles by Jeffrey Archer

    The Chronicles are comprised of seven books: Only Time Will Tell, The Sins of the Father, Best Kept Secret, Be Careful What you Wish For, Mightier Than the Sword, Cometh the Hour, and This Was a Man. The Chronicles follow the Barrington and Clifton Families through about a century and a half of life in Bristol, England. Archer superbly chronicles life, family life, business, education, good times and bad times and inevitable conclusions. I’d recommend The Chronicles for your summer reading pleasures. These were my first Jeffrey Archer books but they won’t be my last!

    Sheila’s Choice for wine pairing: Bookshelf Wines 2016 Voignier.

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  9. Toujours Provence by Peter Mayle

    Another light-reading book by Peter Mayle. Set in Provence (bet you would have never guessed!), Peter delves a little deeper into the life and culture of southern France. Literally, he digs deeper by exploring the truffle market and some of the underground (pun intended) dealings and shady characters involved in the business.

    Enjoy reading this book on the porch with a glass of Bookshelf Wines Viognier. With a glass of Rhone varietal Viognier and a book about Provence, you’ll be a virtual traveler to the south of France.

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  10. A Life Well Played by Arnold Palmer

    A Life Well Played Arnold PalmerThe King of Golf shares his life stories in a short 258 page book.  A great read for a golfer and fan of history.  Arnold tells stories of his golfing start and  the trials and tribulations of playing on the Professional Golf circuit.  I found his personal stories very insightful and ones I could related to being a somewhat competitive golfer

    Fore, Niles, always in the trees Fleege
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  11. The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

    This 2012 New York Times Bestseller was given to me by Aunt Betty, The Librarian.  I let it sit around for a while and picked it up a few weeks ago and finished it on a recent trip to Louisiana to visit family.  It took a few pages to get “into” it, but when I did, I could see why this was a NYT Bestseller!  Kate Morton kept you wondering what twist and turn would come next for the Nicholson family.  Set mostly in WWII rural England, Laurel (daughter) tries to unravel her mother’s (Dolly) secrets during the last few weeks of her mother’s life.  Snippets of events from Laurel’s youth sets her on a journey to learn about the secrets and those involved.  In the process of researching the secrets Laurel learns just how much pain, misery and loss of life was inflicted on England in WWII and learns of her mother’s deep and painful memories that lead to her keeping secrets.

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  12. Bookshelf’s “Best Seller List”

    Here are a few recommendations for wine related books.  Let us know of others we should read and recommend.

    House of Mondavi by Julia Flynn Siler

    Judgement of Paris by George M. Taber

    The Widow Clicquot – The Story of a Champagne Empire and the Woman Who Ruled It by Tilar J. Mazzeo

    The Billionaire’s Vinegar: The Mystery of the World’s Most Expensive Bottle of Wine by Benjamin Wallage

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