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  1. Snow At Vinehill Vineyard Georgetown CA

    Snow At Vinehill Vineyard Georgetown CA

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  2. Niles Fleege And Sid At Vinehill Vineyard

    Nile Fleege and Sid at Vinehill Vineyard

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  3. Dominic And Niles

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  4. Bookshelf’s “Best Seller List”

    Here are a few recommendations for wine related books.  Let us know of others we should read and recommend.

    House of Mondavi by Julia Flynn Siler

    Judgement of Paris by George M. Taber

    The Widow Clicquot – The Story of a Champagne Empire and the Woman Who Ruled It by Tilar J. Mazzeo

    The Billionaire’s Vinegar: The Mystery of the World’s Most Expensive Bottle of Wine by Benjamin Wallage

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  5. Betty, The Librarian

    Sheila’s choice for wine pairing: Your choice! I haven’t read the book yet so you choose your accompanying Bookshelf Wine and let us know your choice and why.

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  6. A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle

    This lovely light-reading book chronicles the trials and tribulations of a couple who move from England to the South of France. From language issues to remodeling their 200 year old stone home, Mr. Mayle takes you month by month through their first year journey to a new place. They learn about their neighbors, local customs, local food and restaurants and grape harvest. Mr. Mayle is the author of several books, one being A Good Year of which a movie by the same name was made. “A Good Year” remains my favorite movie! Bookshelf Wines Club members should check it out. Dinner and a movie anyone? I can’t wait to read the next book by Mr. Mayle, Toujours Provence. Sheila’s Choice for wine pairing: Bookshelf Wines 2016 Viognier

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  7. Heads You Win by Jeffrey Archer

    This book is a must read during this time of constant chatter in the news about immigration.  Follow the life of an immigrant and his mother on their stowaway journey from Leningrad in 1968.  The title indicates there is something about chance in the decision that Alex and his mother made when they decided on which ship to stowaway on the docks; the one bound for Southampton, England, or the one bound for New York.  In both instances, the stowaways had sponsors waiting for them on shore and the author spent time to detail the responsibilities of sponsors for their immigrant charges.  The author tracks the lives and paths for each in an interesting twist of writing style.  Both paths led to a life full of choice about schooling and career paths that would not have been possible in Cold War Russia.  The end of the book will surprise you!
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  8. Hank and Jim by Scott Eyman

    Scott has a knack for exploring subjects we think we know already. The lifelong friendship between Henry Fonda and James Stewart is one of those subjects.  Scott gives us insight into two of Hollywood’s major stars from the 1930’s up till modern day.  In the  360 page book, the reader finds out we really did not know these two all that well.  A great read for Hollywood buffs.
    That’s a rap, Niles
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  9. 31 Days in the Darien by Kevin Arnold

    Mike Arnold is a local legend among Jeepers Jamboree fans and those interested in preserving the Rubicon Trail for motorized access.  Mike’s son, Kevin, used Mike’s notes from the trip, along with recollections and documents he retained, to write this amazingly interesting book.  The book takes us through the “Expedicion de las Americas” which was a several months long Jeep journey from Usuhaia, Argentina, the southermost city in the world, to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.  The book chronicles the passage through the Isthmus of Panama, specifically, the 200 miles of roadless jungle known as the Darien Gap.  I felt I was crossing the Darien while reading the book!  Fun, thrills, laughter, and fear were some of the many emotions expressed by Mike during the crossing.   We had our copy signed by the author at Placerville News where books are available for purchase.  What a fun day we had during the holiday season as we walked to hist

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