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What’s in a name:  Bookshelf Wines

We are Niles and Sheila Fleege.  In selecting a name for our label, we came to the determination that something with books would be appropriate because reading and books have been so important in our lives and careers.

We started our wine adventure in 2003 making homemade wine from grapes from the Sierra Foothills, Sonoma and Napa Valleys.  We started Bookshelf Wines in 2015 growing, producing and bottling small batch quality wines.  Our wines are made in the heart of California Gold Discovery Country.  We are a bit different than your normal winery…. we do not have a tasting room and we make only 300-400 cases a year.

Quality Wines at a value price!  Not easy to do.

‘Like a good book, we hope you enjoy our vintages!”

Our Story

After a few chapters and editions, our hobby garagiste wine-making has now become that page-turner known as Bookshelf Wines.  We are Niles and Sheila Fleege.  We followed career and military opportunities to California and stayed here for several reasons including the weather and the wines!  Niles hails from the small town of Galena, Illinois.  He had an idyllic small Midwest town upbringing riding bikes all over town in summer, playing baseball, and playing golf with his dad and friends.  Sheila Dupuis was born and raised on a dairy farm in south Louisiana’s Cajun country.  Surrounded by lots of French speaking family, she learned the value of hard work and good Cajun food.  Always a “kitchen experimenter”, she had a passion for smashing, mixing, measuring, and adding “un petite peu de cie et un petite peu de ca” (Cajun French for a little bit of this and a little bit of that) just like her grandmother, mother and older sisters did while cooking.  That experimentation continued as she tried her hand at award winning home made wine and later completed the UC Davis Extension Wine Making Program.  In 2015, Sheila and Niles started Bookshelf Wines making craft wines commercially.  Our first vintage zinfandel followed the next year by another zinfandel and pinot noir.  We made a white pinot noir that year, 2016, and called it Dichotomy.  It is popular so we made white wine from red grapes again in 2017 and 2019. 

We source our pinot noir grapes from Vinehill Vineyard in Georgetown, California.  The vineyard which is at 2750 ft. elevation, has been producing award winning pinot noir grapes for 30+ years and is one of the few vineyards that can produce pinot noir in the Sierra Foothills due to its altitude and north facing slopes.

Contact us for event schedules, tours, and special pricing, (530) 400-7654.


A votre santé!





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KimBerly K
KimBerly K
Isn't wine fun?
It's often a challenge to find white wines when I go wine tasting and even then they are usually a Chardonnay. I fell in love with Dichotomy from the first taste a couple years back! It's one of those "not too sweet", "not too dry", "not too oaky" white wines that I love to savor and is full of flavor. It also amazes me how the Dichotomy is the same grapes as their red Pinot but prepared differently. Isn't wine fun! Thank you Sheila and Niles for the delicious palette teasers~
Bookshelf Wines
Bookshelf Wines
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June Carter
June Carter
Terrific Wine!
Amazing day at the event. Wine pairing was awesome!



Niles and Sheila, 2020 Bottling 

Niles and Sheila, 2020 Bottling

Wine Camp Team 2017

Wine Camp Team 2017

Niles and Dominic Mantei, 2015 Zinfandel

Niles and Dominic Mantei, 2015 Zinfandel