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    Hank and Jim by Scott Eyman

    Scott has a knack for exploring subjects we think we know already. The lifelong friendship between Henry Fonda and James Stewart is one of those subjects.  Scott gives us insight into two of Hollywood’s major stars from the 1930’s up till modern day.  In the  360 page book, the reader finds out we really did not know these two all that well.  A great read for Hollywood buffs. That’s a rap, Niles

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    A Life Well Played by Arnold Palmer

    The King of Golf shares his life stories in a short 258 page book.  A great read for a golfer and fan of history.  Arnold tells stories of his golfing start and  the trials and tribulations of playing on the Professional Golf circuit.  I found his personal stories very insightful and ones I could related to being a somewhat competitive golfer Fore, Niles, always in the trees Fleege

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    31 Days in the Darien by Kevin Arnold

    Mike Arnold is a local legend among Jeepers Jamboree fans and those interested in preserving the Rubicon Trail for motorized access.  Mike’s son, Kevin, used Mike’s notes from the trip, along with recollections and documents he retained, to write this amazingly interesting book.  The book takes us through the “Expedicion de las Americas” which was a several months long Jeep journey from Usuhaia, Argentina, the southermost city in the world, to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.  The book chronicles the passage through the Isthmus of Panama, specifically, the 200 miles of roadless jungle known as the Darien Gap.  I felt I was crossing the Darien while reading the book!  Fun, thrills, laughter,…

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    The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

    This 2012 New York Times Bestseller was given to me by Aunt Betty, The Librarian.  I let it sit around for a while and picked it up a few weeks ago and finished it on a recent trip to Louisiana to visit family.  It took a few pages to get “into” it, but when I did, I could see why this was a NYT Bestseller!  Kate Morton kept you wondering what twist and turn would come next for the Nicholson family.  Set mostly in WWII rural England, Laurel (daughter) tries to unravel her mother’s (Dolly) secrets during the last few weeks of her mother’s life.  Snippets of events from Laurel’s…

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    Check in and Special Stay at Home Pricing

    Hello All. We wanted to reach out during this current crisis to find out how you all are doing. We’d also like to update you on some website changes we’ve made over the past few weeks. New website, same address, slightly different look and feel, more robust. The catalog shows retail price for our wines. During our current crisis, we’ve lowered our prices to club prices, $21.00/bottle (limit of 3 bottles for 2015 Zinfandel). Call, text or email us to get this price as you won’t see it on the website. Phone (530) 400-7654 or email bookshelfwines2@gmail.com. Stay safe and healthy! Niles and Sheila