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    The Perfume Collector by Kathleen Tessaro

    The Perfume Collector By Kathleen Tessaro This is an excellent book! I read it in record time as it was so engrossing that I had to keep going! A wonderful story following the intersecting lives of two women, one in the 1920’s-1930’s and the other in the 1950’s, taking place briefly in London and Monte Carlo, but mostly in New York and Paris. It is a very sensual book of fragrances, fashion, sexuality, high society privileges and also of working class trials and tribulations. An inheritance from a mysterious stranger is the basis of the story and each piece of the puzzle is revealed ever so slowly with excellent character…

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    Summer 2020 Events Bookshelf Wines and Storytime Cellars Wines and Pizza

    Vineyard Tour and Taste July 18 (Full): August 8 11-1 Space Available Location: New Bookshelf Wines Winery Pilot Hill Area. Take a nice drive out to the country to enjoy our vineyard and privately taste both Bookshelf Wines and Storytime Cellars Wines. The location is oak tree studded with gorgeous views. Contact us for your private group appointment if you can’t make the dates listed above for a vineyard tour and taste our wines. Call (530) 400-7654.  Times available: 11-1; Maximum 12 at each appointment Bookshelf Wines: White Wines: Chardonnay, 2018; Dichotomy, 2017; Rose of Pinot Noir, Sweetness, 2019 Red Wines: Pinot Noir, 2017; Sangiovese, 2017; Zinfandel, 2016 and 2017…